MapInventor for Government


Local governments and public agencies store, like enough, more data than all other organizations but they need to gather and organize these informations to make better decisions.

According to recent research, more than 80% of all these data has a geographic component.

Knowing and understanding this geographic component is very important to derive greater value from that location-based data.

MapInventor is the innovative geospatial solutions that, leveraging the traditional GIS software, enables you to visualize and analyze a huge variety of data all togheter from a geographic perspective. With this Location Intelligence solution, local governments for example, can analyze demographic trends of the territory to evaluate a service relocation or a need of additional facilities.

Using MapInventor government bodies and public organizations are helped to drive the key decisions in urban planning like also in landing and roads management, in emergency services, taxation and others.

Moreover MapInventor connects citizens with governments: everybody with a mobile device can report a problem or an incident, or simply inquire after something.


MapInventor is the innovative Location Intelligence tool governments need to keep up with the times!

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